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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Counter View! I myself revel in the life of the freeloader "within limits"

To me the world is getting confusing... Take a look at the most popular TV show American Idol... the consumer is the producer is the consumer. I personally believe soon that the concept of freeloader would be alien. Take Flickr, and posting pictures with the creative commons where people just share the wonderful wealth of the world with others. Who should own the picture of the tree. 1) the tree 2) God 3) the picture taker 4) the camera maker 5) the Flikr programmer. Be real. When I look at a picture that I have taken, I gaze with amazement. Who made all this? I can just point and click. Come on are we fooling ourselves with these concepts of ownerships and rights. You read this using English language that has been shaped by millions of people through out generations. Mashup of different langauges. Mashups, Wikipedia, Flikr, Creative Commons it all feels so right. But
below is a good counter view. Where are you on this?

Nobody likes a freeloader. Social parasites live off the work of others, and a society infested with too many of them falls apart.Given the chance, most people will punish moochers with "freeloader fines," even if it means taking a financial hit themselves, a new study finds... (more) - Scientists Prove It: Nobody Likes a Freeloader

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